Monday, September 19, 2011

13 Weeks

How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Size of baby: The size of a shrimp (love those food comparisons)
Gender: A Boy (85% sure) John Charles Koski
Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah! :) I've been wearing them for about 4 weeks now! 
Weight gain: 12 pounds!!!  YIKES!  The Dr. is not worried and has blamed a lot of it on the medications I am taking.  I honestly don't care-as long as we're both healthy!
Movement: Today I thought I felt some flutters, but am not certain!
Sleep: Not so great!  I wake up several times during the night, most nights I am awake for a while.  I am also having the strangest dreams.
Symptoms: Tired, Tired, Tired!  Other than that, I just feel so different then I did last time. 
Cravings: Always hungry, usually for carbs and spicy/salty food
Best moment this week: There were just so many!  Hearing the tech tell me he was a boy, telling Chuck, telling our families, and telling Riley about her baby brother are all top of the list!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So Blessed!

This has been such an exciting, overwhelming, and emotion two months for my family!  As many of you know, we've been trying to add to our family for almost 3 years.  After so much heartbreak, our dreams are finally coming true!  On July 13, 2011, I took the first of many positive pregnancy tests!  I went to the specialist and all my bloodwork looked great, so next we started the waiting game.  My first ultrasound was scheduled for August 2nd, my birthday.  It was either going to be the greatest birthday, or one I would want to forget.   I was so determined to remain calm, whatever the outcome was, but I was a bundle of nerves!  I called my mom on the way to the ultrasound and just cried and cried, so sure that this pregnancy would end like all the others did-without a heartbeat.  When the nurse called my name, I just kept running through my head Jeremiah 29 11.  Before the Dr. started, she told me that she was not expecting to see a heartbeat at this stage, just a gestational sac.  Immediately she began, and the first things out of her mouth where music to my ears "there's your baby, and that little flicker is the heartbeat!"  Our prayers had been answered-in such a big way.